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Safety Tips for Navigating Domestic Violence During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In this interview I sit down  with Dr. Megan Mansfield, a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Associate at Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates, and Domestic Violence expert, to discuss the very real escalation of Domestic Violence during the Coronavirus Pandemic. During the interview, Dr. Mansfield discusses what constitutes as domestic violence, provides tips for survivors and their loved ones, as well as shares resources available to those impacted.

Telecommuting for Success Part 9: Working & Schooling from home. It doesn't have to be the Wild West!

In this installment of our series, Dr. Kate Truitt is joined by Jami Eidsvold who is the founder and CEO of Smarty Social Media. Jami is no stranger to the virtual lifestyle, in fact she and her team of fearless moms came together 7 years ago as a virtual team and perfected the art of the work/life/parent balance with compassion, laughter, and grace.

Listen in for quick tips on how to:

1) Create structure (and also have a good laugh when it all falls apart)
2) Design a remote work and school home environment
3) Prioritize connection in emotional moments to enhance calm (#workmomhack – and save time!)
4) Model self-care while using your own mind and body as a tool to bring calm
5) Overall, lead with compassion and grace

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Couples Therapy & Relationship Counseling


Isn't it Time to Come Back Together?

“Problems can be experienced as… a chance for renewal rather than stress.”

– Marilyn Ferguson

Each person in a relationship has the capacity to attune to and support the other’s growth.  Through creating the space to examine and connect, couples are sponsored to engage in an intimate exploration of being in relationship with each other. Our team provides a safe and nurturing environment to build on strengths while respectfully and lovingly addressing inherent challenges and differences.

Counseling and relationship therapy creates opportunities to foster trust and provide a solid foundation that is necessary for building a successful relationship. With a focus on facilitating safety within the relationship, the work is about fostering communication and revealing one’s self through an expression of feelings and thoughts, without assigning blame.

It is time to start living.

Imagine a life in which you have the tools and techniques to do more than survive. Imagine a world where you wake each day knowing you are choosing to actively thrive within your relationship. Imagine a universe in which you are truly and completely alive. Now imagine that you don’t have to imagine — this is your reality when you Choose You and Sponsor Your Best Life.

It is time to Live Your Excellence. Dr. Truitt and her team have dedicated themselves to empowering individuals to overcome and heal the painful wounds that derail even the greatest loves. It’s time begin your journey toward living your fulfilled and inspired life. Contact Dr. Truitt and her team today!

You know that feeling you get when you have a really big presentation coming up that you aren’t quite ready for? On top of that you have plans to go see those in-laws this evening that you just don’t quite get along with? Or perhaps your car is making that strange noise again and how can you find the time to get is checked? We all experience situations that bring up some level of stress, worry, and discomfort. 

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