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Humans are wired to seek out connection and understanding from others. Being with others who share a similar experience can vastly reduce the sense of suffering and isolation that can accompany chronic pain.
New understandings from neuroscience have shown us how to rapidly and effectively reprocess difficult experiences while building the coping skills necessary to thrive while managing  pain and illness.
Chronic pain can make the entire nervous system more sensitive to stimuli, painful or not. Our brain is programmed to associate pain with danger. When we experience prolonged physical pain, the brain can encode that experience as a traumatic experience, meaning change and healing can occur using techniques from brain-based trauma treatments.
Altering how we think about physical sensations can impact our experience of them, including their intensity. Changing how we think about pain and illness has the ability to shift our functional experience of it. Changing our thoughts creates a new opportunity for self-empowerment and proactive healing.

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RELATE Therapy Group for Men


RELATE – A Group for Men Managing Chronic Pain & Illness

“Turn your wounds into Wisdom.”
– Oprah Winfrey

RELATE is a 12-week therapeutic group designed for men managing chronic pain and illness. In this group, the role of pain and illness is explored from a trauma-informed perspective as it impacts the experience of self, others, and the world, while building neuroscience-based coping skills necessary to thrive.

Living with pain is often deeply isolating despite a 2016 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 20% of US adults experience chronic pain. Feelings of being a burden, “different,” or worries of being misunderstood often deepen the experience of feeling alone and disconnected from others. If you are suffering from chronic pain and illness and have struggled to find others who are coping with similar experiences, you are not alone.

RELATE is designed to provide a space for men who are living with and managing chronic pain and/or illness to engage with each other while enhancing their social, emotional, and psychological resilience and coping skills. We will explore how to leverage the impact of thoughts and beliefs on physical and emotional wellbeing, the dynamics of self-esteem and intimacy, and the potential within sharing our stories with a group of supportive peers. Come join us on a relational journey of empowerment and connection.

Dr. Truitt and her team are ready to help you discover a deeper connection with yourself and others, and empower you to live your most fulfilled and sustainable life. Contact Dr. Kate Truitt and her team today for a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation.

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