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    to Build Your Healthy Neurogarden
    - Learn how to build resiliency for your brain health
    9:00 am - 12:30 pm (PST)
    December 12, 2020
    Live Zoom Workshop
    Healing in Your Hands
    - Explore newest insights into the neuroscience of stress and resilience
    Workshop with Dr. Kate Truitt
    In this live, interactive workshop you will...
    Empowered Healing with the Havening Techniques®
    - Learn the fundamentals of Self-Havening and techniques for self-healing
    A Havening Techniques®
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    Beyond Anxiety
    Pain and Illness
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    Pain Management
  • Neurofeedback optimizes brain
    functioning by rebalancing the
    giving you the greatest access available.
    brain's electrical patterns, and it's
    non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical.
    is conducted entirely via electronic means
    Our At-home Neurofeedback Training Program
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    Our Team is Committed to Social Justice
  • Truitt & Associates and CEO of the Trauma Counseling Center.
    proactive guides in clients' transformational journeys.
    She and her teams are committed to advancing the treatment of
    in Healthcare Administration. She is founder and CEO of Dr. Kate
    of three core pillars: trauma-informed, neuroscience-based and
    resiliency-focused care, which empowers her and her teams to be
    About Dr. Kate Truitt
    trauma and stress-related disorders. Her treatment model consists
    Dr. Kate Truitt is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with an MBA