Transforming Negativity Bias into Positive Empowerment

Did you know that your brain is hard-wired to look for negative, difficult, or painful things? This is called a “negativity bias,” which means that in your data-processing system, anything negative gets priority attention.

Finding the Inner Motivation to Overcome Procrastination

Productive procrastination seems productive, so it can feel good, but if you are putting off tasks that need to be done to do other tasks, it could be building your stress level, and if that continues to build you could be heading for burnout.

Neuroplasticity Overcome and Create a Resilient Brain

The opportunity you have to heal your brain and keep moving forward is made possible by something called neuroplasticity—the key to building a resilient brain. We show you how to show you how to seize that opportunity in this in-depth article.

Neurofeedback Training the Brain to Calm

We introduce Neurofeedback: a tool we teach that allows you to create your resilient brain, addressing stress and anxiety, compensating for past damage that has been done, enhancing learning capacity, and even healing through the difficulties brought on by our new challenges.