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    of three core pillars: trauma-informed, neuroscience-based and
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    She and her teams are committed to advancing the treatment of
    Dr. Kate Truitt is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with an MBA
    proactive guides in clients' transformational journeys.
    resiliency-focused care, which empowers her and her teams to be


Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates provides individual and group therapy, neurofeedback and other services, delivered safely through telehealth.


Our team of expert psychologists and psychotherapists specialize in the most effective and cutting edge treatment and guidance.


The team at Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates helps you leam and stay connected with online videos, new blogs, and guided self-care practices.

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Are you ready for empowered change? In our “Better Living Through Neuroscience” blog we explore how new insights in the world of Neuroscience that have led to the development of revolutionary techniques for moving into an intimate relationship with the neural pathways that define your personal experience of your world. Visit the blog to explore how these new advances create opportunities for harnessing the power of neuroplasticity and empower you to Live Your Excellence.

Neurofeedback Training the Brain to Calm

In this article I want to introduce Neurofeedback: a tool we teach that allows you to create your resilient brain, addressing stress and anxiety, compensating for past damage that has been done, enhancing learning capacity, and even healing through the difficulties brought on by our new challenges.

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Overcoming Burnout: Self-Compassion Provides the Healing Touch

Have you been feeling lately like you’re not living up to the expectations you have for yourself? Do you feel you are losing some of your former optimism? You may be on the road to burnout. n this article we help you ways to successfully managing the stress that can lead to burnout, looking through the lens of our new reality of working from home.

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Leaning Into Grief and Loss to Create Healing

Grief is an experience of mourning and deep honoring. One thing I have learned through my own journey is that the experience of grief and loss has a softening effect: it is so important for us to save space, be conscientious and kind toward our feelings and ourselves as we navigate these deeply painful times.

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Pandemic Anxiety Healing Power is in Your Hands

The COVID-19 Pandemic and its associated stay-at-home orders and social distancing have the potential to induce various manifestations of anxiety and stress. Health anxiety and anxiety-induced stress are normal reactions. You have the power in your hands for self-healing and creating calm around you.

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Health Anxiety and the Coronavirus Pandemic

A person with health anxiety will often misinterpret non-serious physical symptoms and attribute them to something more serious especially during a pandemic. Some symptoms produced by anxiety can include muscle pain, chest pain, heart rate changes, headaches, and dizziness. This can heighten existing anxiety.

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Telecommuting for Success

Telecommuting presents unique opportunities (no commute!) and challenges (it's awfully easy to do house chores or enjoy a binge watching session). From battling productive procrastination to overcoming loneliness, telecommuting creates ample opportunities to grow into our best self.

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Four Reasons Survivors of Sexual Trauma Remain Silent

On the heels of the #MeToo Movement and various scandals in the media that have shed light on the impact of sexual trauma worldwide, more and more survivors of sexual abuse and assault have been empowered to speak up and share their stories. However, many still do not come forward. In this article we explore the reasons behind their silence.

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Living and Loving With Chronic Pain

While there are millions of individuals dealing with chronic conditions, it is rare to hear anyone talking about it. Many people don’t want to burden the people around them with their pain or illness, and chronic pain can be difficult to talk about and especially hard to understand. Many times they find it isn’t worth talking about.

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The Havening Techniques Neuroscience in Healing

The Havening Techniques system is comprised of protocols and methods that rely on the electrochemical makeup of our body to create healing. Utilizing similar functional mechanisms as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), they include the newest advancements in neuroscience. See how it works.

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Panic Attack vs Anxiety Attack

It’s not hard to understand why panic and anxiety attacks have become conflated. They have enough symptoms in common that the lines can become blurred, even for the sufferer. What is the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack? WE explain in this post.

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