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    Our Team is Committed to Social Justice
  • She and her teams are committed to advancing the treatment of
    of three core pillars: trauma-informed, neuroscience-based and
    in Healthcare Administration. She is founder and CEO of Dr. Kate
    proactive guides in clients' transformational journeys.
    Dr. Kate Truitt is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with an MBA
    Truitt & Associates and CEO of the Trauma Counseling Center.
    About Dr. Kate Truitt
    resiliency-focused care, which empowers her and her teams to be
    trauma and stress-related disorders. Her treatment model consists


Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates provides individual and group therapy, neurofeedback and other services, delivered safely through telehealth.


Our team of expert psychologists and psychotherapists specialize in the most effective and cutting edge treatment and guidance.


The team at Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates helps you leam and stay connected with online videos, new blogs, and guided self-care practices.

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Are you ready for empowered change? In our “Better Living Through Neuroscience” blog we explore how new insights in the world of Neuroscience that have led to the development of revolutionary techniques for moving into an intimate relationship with the neural pathways that define your personal experience of your world. Visit the blog to explore how these new advances create opportunities for harnessing the power of neuroplasticity and empower you to Live Your Excellence.

Healing Trauma: The Mind and Body Remember

Is there a scientific explanation for a connection between deep emotional trauma and stress and physical pain and discomfort such as migraines, gastrointestinal disturbance, back pain, and more? The answer is there most definitely is.

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Stop Shame and Take Your Power Back

It is important for us to understand where the deeply painful emotional experiences of shame originate, because in the acknowledgement of their roots we find opportunities for recovery and healing.

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SNAP Your Way out of the Grip of Generalized Anxiety

Did you know that the experience of anxiety is a part of daily life? Like all of our emotions, it exists to alert us concerns so that we may take action and create change. Generalized anxiety, on the other hand, is just there in the forefront.

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Wake Up on the Right Side of the Bed Using Neuroplasticity

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is a real thing. But we have the power of neuroplasticity on our side. Because of our brains are malleable, we have an opportunity to make changes to our neural connections that can help us experience a good night of restful sleep.

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