Did You Know?

There is a fear center in the brain that can override rational, logical thinking when activated by stressful circumstances.
Both pleasant and unpleasant emotions are data that gives us information about what we need and what matters to us.
That while change is unsettling, times of change can also be powerful times new possibilities and growth. 
Connecting with others during stressful times can actually help us feel more capable and can jump-start creative problem solving.

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LIFT Therapy Group for Men


LIFT – Men Lifting Each Other Through Change

“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”
― William James

Join Dr. Justin Carter on an online 8-week journey designed uniquely for men as we continue to navigate the realities of Safe at Home during COVID-19. Using insights from neuroscience, the group will promote connection and enhance empowered self-leadership, successful boundary setting, emotional awareness, and creative problem solving.

Each week will address a different topic pertinent to men to allow the group to come together to provide support and real conversations. This group is held through Zoom teleconferencing Wednesdays from 12pm-1:30pm. To ensure excellence in care, space is limited. 

Dr. Truitt and her team are ready to help you discover a deeper connection with yourself and others, and empower you to live your most fulfilled and sustainable life. Contact Dr. Kate Truitt and her team today for a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation.

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