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Did You Know?

Your brain makes electricity. It’s very subtle, like music that is on too low to hear. Neurofeedback lets us “turn up the volume” so the we can measure when the brain is acting in healthy, balanced ways.

Neurofeedback is non-invasive and does not use medications to help your brain change.

Neurofeedback helps your brain learn a new way of functioning. This means the changes from Neurofeedback training are long-lasting, even after training is completed!

Neurofeedback is fun! Using a TV show or relaxing music, your training sessions let your brain take charge of the change process. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Neurofeedback Brain Training Services

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a way of training your brainwaves. Usually, we are not able to interact with our brainwaves, but with Neurofeedback, we can. Neurofeedback uses small sensors to read your brainwaves and alert you when your brain is working optimally. Balanced, optimal brain activity is reflected in better cognitive functioning, physiological regulation, and emotional balance. Neurofeedback is a form of training because it uses repetition through training sessions to help the brain change itself.  


  • helps your brain to learn how to balance and optimize itself long-term;
  • trains your brain to develop more balanced emotional states, enhanced focus and cognitive clarity, reduce pain, enhance sleep and recovery, and more; and
  • is a valuable stand-alone tool and can also accelerate the process of therapy, especially if someone is feeling “stuck” in therapy.

How is Neurofeedback Different from Therapy?

Great question! You can think of therapy, counseling, or coaching as learning the skills, strategies, and teamwork of a sport. Neurofeedback is different. It is more like the workouts done at the gym that allows you to play the game more effectively and efficiently. In therapy, you may talk about your problems and learn new ways to deal with them. With Neurofeedback, you do not talk about your problems. Instead, you hook up small sensors and let your brain do the rest. Both are valuable but work in different, complementary ways. 

What is the DKTA At-Home Neurofeedback Training program like?

Just like muscles are built with many repetitions of a particular exercise over time, repetition is key in changing your brain. The DKTA At-Home Neurofeedback Program allows you to have regular and consistent training sessions from the comfort of your own home.

After your intake and/or Brain Map session, you will be provided with a Neurofeedback training kit and learn how to run your own Neurofeedback training sessions from home! Along the way, you have quick, weekly check-ins through Zoom with your Neurofeedback clinician to keep your training on track and assess your brain’s progress.

What is the DKTA In-Office Neurofeedback Training Program like?

The DKTA In-Office Training Program gives you the most personalized, in-depth version of brain training and optimization. This program is a hands-on journey guided by a Board-Certified Neurofeedback Clinician who handles all the set-up and monitoring so all you need to do is sit back and let your brain do the rest.

In your 60-minute sessions, you will not only receive a full Neurofeedback training session, but you will also experience biofeedback and stress-reduction training skills. These stress-reduction tools are designed to be used between your Neurofeedback sessions to enhance the benefits for your brain and also help you deal with any difficulties or stressors that come your way in the meantime.

*Sample of a Neurofeedback session trendscreen:

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