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Our daily exposure to chemicals in the United States is much higher than in Europe and the United Kindom, and some these toxins can lead to increased inflammation impacting mind and body functioning. Functional testing empowers us to understand your unique body’s toxic load and create an action plan for sustainable and healing change.

Some everyday foods in the United States contain toxins banned in other parts of the world. Consuming certain types of foods may lead to a build-up in the body, which can lead to memory loss, skin issues and neurological problems.  If your brain isn’t its best self, it may be due to the food you eat.

Mycotoxins can increase our toxic load.  Mycotoxins are naturally produced by certain molds and fungi found in our foods.  For example, cereals, nuts, spices, dried fruits, and coffee beans.  These toxins are also found in grains, alcohol, nuts, sugars, hard cheeses, and chocolate.   If you experience brain fog, memory loss, attention problems, depression, anxiety, eczema, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, muscle weakness and joint pain, the root cause may be your exposure to molds and fungi.  Functional testing can show us your toxic load.  

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Functional Medicine Lab Testing and Wellness Program

Functional medicine lab testing testing is used to identify core biochemical and metabolic imbalances in the nutritional, gastrointestinal, hormonal and detoxification systems.  Functional testing may be suggested based on your chronic symptoms and intake information. 

If a functional test is agreed on, the lab will receive an order from us, giving them the name of the test, your name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth.  The lab will ship the test kit, with instructions, for you to complete in the comfort of your own home.  Depending on the test, the sample required may be stool, saliva, urine or hair. If a functional test is needed that requires a blood sample you may be able to do this through your medical doctor’s office or you will be given the name of a local lab where you can have the blood drawn.  

Payment for the test is made by credit card by you on the test requisition form that you will send back to the lab with your sample.   You will be informed once the results are received.

The functional health and wellness program with Dr. Jill Philo:

Complimentary consultation call to understand needs, answer questions and assess fit

Working together:

Session One is a 90-minute Functional Health Assessment. This call is important for developing your health timeline. During this discovery session you and Dr. Philo will explore your health history from birth to your current age looking at all your different inputs that make you who you are today. The online questionnaires you filled out form the basis for this conversation. Following this call you’ll receive a copy of your personal health timeline, which you are free to share with all current and future health practitioners that you may work with.  Based on this information we’ll talk through next steps and possible functional tests that will provide additional information. 

Session two is your 60 minute Functional Health Planning Session—We discuss any functional testing results and build your personalized change plan.

Sessions 3 and 4 are your monthly 30-minute Functional Health Check-in Sessions where you meet with Dr. Jill discuss progress, identify any roadblocks, and answer questions.

Session 5 is your final 30-minute Functional Health Review and Summary Session at the end of a 3-month period.  In this session you will measure progress through revisiting intake questions to see changes and, if appropriate, retesting. 

Note:  The body is composed of many systems which interact with each other in powerful and important ways. As goals are met new opportunities for continued healing as well as resilience development may arise and sessions may be extended. Additionally, this program may be integrated into a larger Functional Health and Naturopathy program with Dr. Jill and/or mental health treatment and services with any of the Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates clinicians.

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