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Dr. Jill Philo

Traditional Naturopath & Functional Health Practitioner

About Dr. Jill Philo

Dr Jill Philo has dedicated the last 20 years to helping others reclaim their health through a holistic, innovative, and multi-disciplinary approach based in neuroscience. She does this by helping educate clients on how lifestyle choices and environmental factors can hold them back from their full health potential.

Experience shows that achieving our optimal health is impeded by root causes such as food sensitivities, stress, toxicity, and environmental factors. Functional testing is used to uncover imbalances in the nutritional, gastrointestinal, hormonal and detoxification systems of the body.  Jill works with clients to support these systems while building resilient, healthy behaviors relating to food, sleep, detoxification, and movement.

Dr. Philo is a Traditional Naturopath, gaining her Doctorate in Naturopathy in 2003. She uses her extensive Naturopathic knowledge to create and teach personalized change plans.  As a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, she draws from extensive experience to help clients identify healing opportunities. Finally, she draws on Positive Psychology and Neuroscience to support successful change.


She is also a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, an Applied Positive Psychology Coach, a certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor, as well as being certified in Havening Techniques®, Applied Positive Psychology, Resilience training, NLP, TimeLine Therapy, HeartMath®, 3 Brain Coaching and Hypnosis.

Dr. Philo brings a unique combination of experience, science, and empathy to help clients unlock a more fulfilling, vital, and healthy life. She recognizes and embraces the difference in each of her clients, tailoring her approach to the individual. Jill takes a holistic approach, basing her work on physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. She is passionate about helping everyone she works with discover their healing opportunities and supporting them in making changes that will directly improve their health and well-being.  Jill believes that relationships start with listening, that every day is a new beginning, and that your tomorrow can be different.