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Not all issues with attention or focus have the same origin. A Comprehensive Brain Function Assessment goes “under the hood” to find out where the source of a problem is.

Each brain is unique and yet, there are predictable patterns when responding to stress over long periods of time.

Our brain and heart communicate through electrical signals. The HRV Assessment give us important information about how the rest of the body is impacting brain activity.

Most people are a lot better at paying attention than they might think. It’s actually difficulties with other aspects of cognitive processing that are impacting focus, attention, and memory capacity.

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Comprehensive Brain Function Assessment

The DKTA Comprehensive Brain Function Assessment is an in-depth neurobiological assessment protocol. This assessment looks beyond external behaviors and symptoms. It looks at brain activity, cognitive processing, and nervous system regulation to give a clear picture of underlying neurobiological factors that impact your actions, emotions, thoughts, and relationships. The Comprehensive Brain Function Assessment provides valuable data from the brain and nervous system that can  provide deeper data to support diagnoses and psychological testing.

The Comprehensive Brain Function Assessment includes:

  • A 19-channel qEEG Brain Map and in-depth written report with images of your brainwave patterns and easy-to-understand explanations of what those patterns mean for your life
  • A comprehensive Cognitive Performance Test battery and report of your brain’s cognitive functioning (see below)
  • A Heart Rate Variability Assessment 

Many of our patients choose a Comprehensive Brain Function Assessment to go deeper into understanding their brains and develop a well-rounded plan of action in moving toward their goals. The Comprehensive Brain Function Assessment is also a valuable addition to psychological testing that goes beyond visible or reported symptoms or struggles to see how the brain and nervous system itself is involved.

What is Cognitive Performance Testing?

Cognitive Performance Testing is a battery of computerized tests that assess cognitive functioning in real-time. People often believe they struggle with focus or attention when in fact it is one or more of the many other cognitive functions our brain uses that are involved.


A CPT battery:

  • Determines if various facets of cognitive performance are functioning within, below, or above the population norms; and
  • Helps to guide appropriate intervention for improving attention, memory, processing, and more

Cognitive Performance Testing can be completed as a standalone assessment or added to a qEEG Brain Map to look more deeply into potential cognitive processing factors identified in a qEEG brain map. Cognitive Performance Testing is also included in our Comprehensive Brain Function Assessment.

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