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It’s not hard to understand why panic and anxiety attacks have become conflated. They have enough symptoms in common that the lines can become blurred even for the sufferer. What is the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack?

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How Does Anxiety Impact our Thoughts, Feelings and Sense of Safety?

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful situations. It helps keep us safe. Healthy anxiety—that is, anxiety at the right levels—contributes to our vitality and motivation for optimal performance. However, sometimes this fear can become so intense that it feels debilitating and blocks us from doing what matters. Learn more about anxiety and tools for effective self-healing and calming in this video.

Why a cough can feel terrifying to our brain & steps to calm fear w/ Dr. Kate Truitt

When our fear brain is overwhelmed with information about a type of threat it will start to tell “fear stories.” Our fear brain LOVES worst-case scenarios. A part of our fear brain system, the Amygdala, has only one job—to keep us alive. Learning to be in relationship with the Amygdala through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Biofeedback, Self-Havening and other techniques will reduce anxiety and support your brain and body in being their healthiest selves. In this video Dr. Kate Truitt discusses the role of fear in making sense of physical symptoms and introduces easy hacks for self-soothing and healing. And Tinkerbell makes a cameo! 

Dr. Truitt & Associates Community Connection

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Welcome to our California Community Healing Connection

“For our physiology to calm down, heal and grow, we need a visceral feeling of safety.”
– Bessel van der Kolk

Humans are wired to seek out connection and understanding from others. Healing with others greatly reduces the sense of isolation anxiety frequently generates. In our Community Connection Corner you will find videos, self-care exercises, and anything else we can think of to help you live your most empowered life. Located in beautiful Pasadena, California we are honored to now be in service of all of California as we support and heal together. In addition to our telehealth individual and group therapy sessions, check out our new community connections, groups, and programs on this page! Your healing journey does not need to be put on hold just because the world has chaged. We look forward to healing with you soon!

Additional Anxiety Resources at Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates

We feature our Thrive: Living Beyond Anxiety group. This 12-week psychotherapy group helps members understand the neuroscience of anxiety and its role in our lives, while building a calm, resilient relationship with brain and mind. They are taught self-care and coping skills, how to analyze thinking patterns, and develop empowering self-stories with others. Click the link for more information.

We also have created our COVID and Health Anxiety Online Support Group, in which you can join Dr. Megan Mansfield and Rebecca Turner, LMFT, for a free weekly 50-minute web-based support group.  In a nonjudgmental environment, participants can voice concerns and create social connection in a safe, telehealth space, while also learning stress-reducing and immune-boosting techniques that are based in neuroscience. We also help members to create personalized wellness plans for healthy living. Click on the link above for more information.

You may also visit the Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates YouTube Channel for these and other resources for coping in these times, including an in-depth series on telecommuting. Also visit our blog for helpful and insightful articles.

CPR for the Amygdala Interview

In this interview Louise Godbold, the Executive Director of Echo Training, interviews Dr. Kate Truitt, clinical psychologist and fear brain expert, about a powerful tool for autonomic nervous system regulation, think calming the fear brain, called CPR for the Amygdala. In this video you’ll learn how to engage CPR for the Amygdala with the Self-Havening touch as well as opportunities for building resiliency.

Quick Tips you’ll learn in this video:

1) The Hug Hack in a time of Social/Physical Distancing

2) CPR for the Amygdala

3) How to calm your mind in a moment of distress

Videos to Empower Your Life's Journey with Brain Science

New insights in the world of Neuroscience have led to the development of revolutionary techniques for moving into an intimate relationship with the neural pathways that define your personal experience of your world. Are you ready for empowered change? It’s time to live your excellence. Watch on to explore how these new advances create opportunities for harnessing the power of neuroplasticity, and creates a space for inspiration to flow.

It’s time to be Empowered. It’s time to Live your Excellence.

Self-Havening for Mental Health During the Conoravirus Pandemic

While there are many conversations about medical considerations regarding the Coronavirus – mental health and emotional well-being are also very important. The Havening Techniques provide an exciting opportunity for self-healing in a time of emotional global turmoil. Join Dr. Kate Truitt to learn more about Healthy Anxiety specifically tied to Coronavirus fears and how self-havening can help calm the mind and body.​

Telecommuting: Setting Yourself up for Success

Telecommuting presents unique opportunities (no commute!) and challenges (it’s awfully easy to do house chores or enjoy a binge watching session). In this video series Dr. Kate Truitt will bring to together her skills as both a psychologist and MBA to provide easily accessible tips for creating telecommuting success. This is the first video in an extensive series.To watch the entire series, go to Dr. Truitt’s YouTube Channel.

Building a Self Havening Practice for Self-Care and Empowered Healing

Self-Havening is a powerful tool for autonomic nervous system regulation (staying calm and cool under pressure), bringing ourselves out of reactive emotions (bye bye anxiety, frustration, stress, and overwhelm!), and enhancing overarching resiliency (I am strong and confident!). In this video Dr. Truitt teaches the foundational guidelines for how to build your at home healing and brain health program utilizing Self-Havening and Brain Hacking Tips. It’s time for better living with neuroscience!

A Guided Meditation for Reducing Health Anxiety with Dr. Megan Mansfield

Psychologist and Clinical Associate at Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates, uses her training in Internal Family Systems (IFS), or “parts work,” to guide listeners through a mediation designed to address health anxiety during the pandemic we are experiencing. Throughout the meditation, she welcomes listeners to intentionally connect with the parts of you that may feel anxious or fearful in order to provide them with reassurance, gratitude, and relief. Listeners do not need to have prior experience with IFS to benefit from the practice.​

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