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Our daily exposure to chemicals in the United States is much higher than in Europe and the United Kindom, and some these toxins can lead to increased inflammation impacting mind and body functioning. Functional testing empowers us to understand your unique body’s toxic load and create an action plan for sustainable and healing change.

Some everyday foods in the United States contain toxins banned in other parts of the world. Consuming certain types of foods may lead to a build-up in the body, which can lead to memory loss, skin issues and neurological problems.  If your brain isn’t its best self, it may be due to the food you eat.

Mycotoxins can increase our toxic load.  Mycotoxins are naturally produced by certain molds and fungi found in our foods.  For example, cereals, nuts, spices, dried fruits, and coffee beans.  These toxins are also found in grains, alcohol, nuts, sugars, hard cheeses, and chocolate.   If you experience brain fog, memory loss, attention problems, depression, anxiety, eczema, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, muscle weakness and joint pain, the root cause may be your exposure to molds and fungi.  Functional testing can show us your toxic load.  

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The Importance of Detox

Every one of us experiences exposures to toxins, often without our awareness.  Our body is designed to eliminate toxins through our detox organs – liver, kidney, lungs, lymph, colon and skin.  The problem is that we are now faced with so many toxins that our organs can’t keep up and detox effectively.

Toxins are everywhere—in our food, water, the air, the daily products we use.  Toxins can be classified into two groups—Endotoxins and Exotoxins.  Endotoxins are internal to us and include the byproducts of our normal metabolism that are not completely cleared or produced in excessive amounts.  As they accumulate they become toxic.   Examples include ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and oxalates.  Exotoxins are environmental toxins that get into our system and cause harm as they disrupt normal function. These include heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic; chemicals such as pesticides, plastics, EMFs and phthalates; and biotoxins such as molds, viruses, parasites and bacteria.  Many of these are neurotoxic meaning that they are destructive to nerve tissue. 

As these toxins build up in our body the toxic load increases.  Your toxic load is the total amount of toxic stressors in your body at one time. We know that there is a correlation between our toxic load and chronic health symptoms. Your toxic load may be disrupting your sleep, causing brain fog, weight gain, hormonal imbalances and digestive issues. This toxic load can be one of the root causes interfering with your health and keeping you stuck. 

Detoxing is an important tool in decreasing your toxic load. While there are many different forms of detoxification from saunas to diets to juicing—contrary to popular belief—engaging in a detox program without proper supervision may actually be harmful to your health. There is no one-size-fits-all program for effective detoxing. Functional testing gives us information as to which organs of detox may need supporting.  In addition, functional testing is also helpful in determining what stressors make up your toxic load. This is information that everyone needs to know about themselves.

Safe and healthy detoxing needs to be at the cellular level with the guidance of a trained professional and a personalized plan. Due to chronic toxin exposure and lifestyle choices, toxicity has often moved beyond organs and into the cells. There is a definite order to detox particularly if you already have chronic symptoms or been diagnosed with a disease or autoimmune continue. 

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We believe detoxing correctly is essential to achieving optimal health

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