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Your tendency plays a large part in how you do things?  If you’re an upholder you follow the rules, doing what you are told to do. Your self-regulation is pretty high. If you’re an obliger, then you’ll do things for others but not for yourself.  If you’re a questioner, you’ll question everything before you can move forward. If you’re a rebel you won’t listen to anyone else—you’ll find your own way.  Knowing your tendency can be important in making changes. Do you know what your tendency is? If not check out the work of Gretchen Rubin. 

The habits we form are part of a simple neurological loop? MIT researchers have found three parts to this loop. First there is the cue or the reminder. Next is the routine and lastly there is the reward. The key to replacing a habit is to become aware of how you do something. First what do you see, hear, feel, taste or smell?  What routine does this trigger? What is the reward that you end up with?  Knowing this allows you to change the cue so that the behavior changes.  In other words—you break the loop. Adopting new habits may protect you from pushing your health in the wrong direction.

Practicing gratitude has been shown to improve sleep, depression, anxiety, blood pressure and cholesterol and reduce stress? Gratitude is what you feel when you have been the recipient of someone’s positive actions. When practicing gratitude be as specific as you can be. Focus on what surprised you the most about the positive actions you received and what was unusual about it. Practicing gratitude as part of your early morning routine or your bedtime routine can change both the course of your day and the quality of your sleep.

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Health and Wellness Coaching

Ever wondered why, when we know what we should do, we continue to do what we routinely do, as if we are incapable of change? Maybe you know you’re doing something that’s adversely affecting your health and you can’t stop. Maybe you’ve already been told to give up all gluten or dairy to help with digestive issues—and yet you haven’t been able to? Change can be hard.

Improving your health is about much more than knowing what’s interfering with or impeding your health.

  • It’s about finally being heard and feeling free to open up in a safe and non-judgmental space.
  • It’s about recognizing your strengths and tapping into them so that you successfully make changes that work for you.
  • It’s about helping you articulate meaningful health goals that are important to you.
  • It’s about knowing your WHY. Without a why change is unlikely to last.
  • It’s about having someone in your corner supporting you and holding you accountable.
  • It’s about focusing on what’s right in your world and not what’s wrong.
  • It’s about acknowledging what you’ll regret or lose out on if you don’t improve your health.
  • It’s about brainstorming ways to make changes that work with your busy life and work for you.

It’s also important that your brain is fully on board. Why is this important? Well, if you think you canyou will.  If you think you’re worth it, you are. Negative stories that we can tell ourselves can often get in the way.

Thanks to neuroscience we’re learning so much more about the brain and how it works. We used to believe that once we enter adulthood the brain is essentially fixed and not capable of change. That’s simply not true! There is so much we can do now to change our thoughts and feelingsour limiting beliefs and emotionsso that they don’t hold us back from what we want to achieve.

One of our favorite modalities to integrate into a success health and wellness coaching program is Havening Techniques®. Havening is known as a psychosensory intervention that integrates the power our brain has to change in order to boost resilience and personal empowerment while enhancing achievement and motivation. If you’re feeling stuck in making the changes you want in your life then Future Performance Havening techniques and the C.O.R.E model will break through roadblocks and support you in moving forward with confidence, optimism, resilience and excitement.  

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