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For Coronavirus Resilience

Health Anxiety and How to Manage it During the Conoravirus Pandemic

While there are many conversations about medical considerations regarding the Coronavirus – mental health and emotional wellbeing are also very important. The Havening Techniques provide an exciting opportunity for self-healing in a time of emotional global turmoil. Join Dr. Kate Truitt to learn more about Healthy Anxiety specifically tied to Coronavirus fears and how self-havening can help calm the mind and body.

The Hug Hack: Simulating Neurological Connection in Times of Social Distancing

Being apart from our loved ones in time of stress and fear directly conflicts with the way humanity is biologically designed. This quick Brain Hack tricks the brain into experiencing a physiological sense of connection through remote connection. Now you can enjoy your Zoom dinner dates, House Party connections, Virtual Happy Hours, and WhatsApp/Facetime calls points and give them and you the experience of a physically distanced hug! Physically Distanced doesn’t mean Socially Disconnected. Let’s hug each other, virtually!

How Does Anxiety Impact our Thoughts, Feelings and Sense of Safety?

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful situations. It is what keeps us safe, quickly informing us to run when we see a fire, freeze when we see a bear, or even fight if it is the only way to protect ourselves. Healthy anxiety—that is, anxiety at the right levels—contributes to our vitality and motivation for optimal performance. However, sometimes this fear can become so intense that it feels debilitating and blocks us from doing what matters. We never regain the equilibrium we are supposed to return to after the danger is gone, preventing us from moving forward with our life feeling calm and confident.

A Guided Meditation for our Heroes on the Frontlines of Covid-19. Release the Day & Embrace the Now

In this guided mediation Dr. Kate Truitt, neuroscientist and psychologist, brings together the power of the self-havening touch and breath work to empower neuroplasticity. Our fear brain loves to hang on to the difficult moments. We have the power the help our fear brain release the hard stuff and move into a chosen state of empowerment. Dr. Truitt recommends doing this exercise at the beginning of each day and before bed each night. This meditation is best enjoyed with headphones to receive the full benefit of the music in the background.

Coronavirus Pandemic Services and Resources

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Our Team is Here for You During the Coronavirus Pandemic

“For our physiology to calm down, heal and grow, we need a visceral feeling of safety.”
– Bessel van der Kolk

During the Coronavirus Pandemic response, Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates has been taking proactive steps to ensure we will continue to be of service to our patients and the community as we navigate these new times together. Early on, we transitioned all patient care to telehealth to do our part to flatten the curve. We have been hard at work creating new groups, protocols, and community connection points.

Located in beautiful Pasadena, California, we are honored to now be in service of all of California as we support and heal together. In addition to our telehealth individual and group therapy sessions, check out our new community connections, groups, and programs below! Just because the world has changed doesn’t mean your healing journey needs to push pause. We look forward to healing with you soon!

Open Letter to our Community Regarding Reopening

Dear Members of our California Community, 

As we continue to navigate the changes of COVID-19, we are naturally receiving inquiries regarding our office’s plans for re-opening. 

As a practice, our standard of care prioritizes patient care and safety above all by creating an environment in which our patients can heal and develop a greater resilience for future life events. As a team, we emphasize proactive and preventative approaches creating greater global health throughout one’s healing journey. It is a priority for us to not only support mental health and healing for our patients, but to take into consideration all aspects of your health as we provide treatment. 

In correspondence with the 4-phase plan for re-opening Los Angeles County and reviewing the growing amounts of research related to how COVID-19 virus is transmitted, our team continues to actively evaluate options for creating the best environment in which our patients can enter a space that is safe and focused on health so that each individual can feel comfortable to do the therapeutic work they need to heal. 

Currently, the 4-phase plan for re-opening indicates that businesses that can conduct operations via “telecommuting” should continue to do so through phase-4 of the re-opening process. While we are looking forward to being back in the office with you, our primary goal is to promote health. We will continue to assess data and follow LA County Health officials, CDC, and WHO recommendations in developing our re-opening plan. In brief, the current data suggests a few factors that significantly increase that chance for transmission which include: length of time in an enclosed room, length of time talking, and tears as likely culprits for transmission, all of which are present in the therapeutic space. 

As LA Country clarifies additional details and approves businesses safety to resume operations, we will send out additional information with safety measures outlining how our offices will safely open with global health in mind. For now, we are honored to continue to serve you in the manner that promotes health and safety during this complex time. 


Kate, Justin, Rebecca, Damien, Lorelei, Shannon, and Kayla

Additional Trauma Resources at Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates

We also feature our Thrive: Living Beyond Anxiety group. This 12-week psychotherapy group helps members understand the neuroscience of anxiety and its role in our lives, while building a calm, resilient relationship with brain and mind. They are taught self-care and coping skills, how to analyze thinking patterns, and develop empowering self-stories with others. Click the text link above for more information.

You may also visit the Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates YouTube Channel for these and other resources for coping in these times, including an in-depth series on telecommuting. Also visit our blog for helpful and insightful articles.

Remember, health anxiety and anxiety-induced stress are very real, especially in these times of the  Coronavirus Pandemic. It’s not you, it’s your brain, and you have the power in your hands for self-healing and creating a calm around you. We’re here if you need us.

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