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We are socialized from a very young age not to ask for help. As children we may be stubbornly determined to do it all on our own or we may be afraid to be perceived as dumb or weak. These thought patterns follow us through our lives, leaving us vulnerable in our darkest moments, alone and afloat, too scared to reach out. Asking for help is powerful. You don’t have to be alone.

We can’t know what we do not know. On the surface, this statement seems simple, but how many of us carry guilt and shame for our behavior when, in truth, we were never taught that other, more preferred reactions or choices were available? We cannot authentically make choices that we do not know exist. With the right skills, the impossible will be possible!  

Just as physical wounds heal, so too does our brain. With proper treatment and support, your brain, your mind, your life, you will recover from the traumatic experiences and be empowered to Live Your Excellence.

Do you believe in yourself? Are you confident in your abilities? Do you feel capable? Do you feel strong? Our past often leaves subtle impressions on us that ultimately have a huge impact on our future. It is time to release the past and start taking charge of your present.

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Specialized Mental Health Support and Psychotherapy for Men

It’s a fact: Men face unique challenges in life, many of which go unaddressed because of the societal pressures put upon men to be self-reliant, “strong,” and unaffected by difficulties. Heartbreakingly, men are often hesitant or nervous about seeking therapy because of an internal struggle about asking for, or even needing, help.

The side effect? Men are often left in isolation trying to deal with stress, negative ruminating thoughts, and painful emotions. Did you know that more than 19.3% of men experience intimate partner violence…? That turning to the use of drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain is a common survival strategy for guys…? That men are 3.5 times more likely to complete the act of suicide?

Help is available. Help is here.

At Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates our mental health support and psychotherapy services for men are designed to create a safe and welcoming environment for men to be empowered in their healing journey. Call us today to learn more about our specialized psychotherapy for men. Our award winning trauma-informed, neuroscience-based, and resilience-focused treatment model is proven to be effective in helping men recover while becoming healthier in mind, body and spirit.

The benefits that come along with going to therapy as a man are many:

  • Heal through the wounds of your past that may be causing anxiety, depression, and emotional distress today.
  • Learn how to avoid destructive habits like substance abuse or abusive behavior towards others (such as domestic violence).
  • Develop better communication skills to better relate to others around you, which leads to more meaningful relationships with friends and family members as well as greater career success.
  • And so much more!

Contact us today and begin your empowered healing journey!

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