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An introductory interview about the Havening Techniques with Dr. Kate Truitt

Have you heard about Havening? Dr. Kate Truitt shares insights on Havening in this video interview by PESI acquisitions editor Kate Sample. Discover strategies to overcome fear and build resilience!

Neuroplasticity: How the Brain Changes Itself & How We Change It!

In this video, Dr. Kate Truitt begins by recounting that people used to believe that after age 25 our brain was like a cement block. She reminds us that our brain changes over the entirety of our lifetime due to a concept called neuroplasticity, which states that our brain is malleable and changeable. Our brain is composed of billions of neurons, each with their own thousands of relationships with other neurons. They are constantly rearranging themselves.

Because of neuroplasticity, we can actually design the brain we want. We can choose to build our brain to respond the way that we want it to. 

An Introduction to the Havening Touch

Dr. Kate Truitt introduces us to the havening touch in this psychoeducational video. She begins by explaining that havening touch can actually shift the way our brain is functioning in the moment. We have the ability to shift the electrochemical experience of our brain.

Havening touch works by utilizing the receptors embedded in the skin. Some respond to fast touch, while some respond to slow, gentle touch. The receptors go up to our brain which interprets the sensation we are experiencing. The havening touch engages C-tactile fibers in our skin that transmit information to our insula and areas of our prefrontal cortex. This can shift the way our brain is interacting in a given moment.

This simple touch doesn’t require a lot of executive function or attention while we do it. Our brain can be engaged in other cognitive exercises at the same time, which empowers the Havening Techniques.

These receptors have been shown to decrease cortisol and norepinephrine, which are contributors of anxiety and stress. Havening touch actually decreases the presence of these excitatory neurochemicals in our brain. It has also been shown that havening touch increases oxytocin, which helps us to feel safe and connected in the world.

Release Stress in 5 Minutes or Less! An Intro to Self-Havening with CPR for the Amygdala Practice

CPR for the Amygdala, which utilizes the Havening Touch plus Cognitive Distractions, is a powerful tool for rapidly decreasing stress and anxiety. Join Dr. Kate Truitt to learn how to welcome this powerful tool into your life today!


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The Resilient Brain Model & Self-Havening Workshops

Imagine a world where we are empowered to heal ourselves...

Imagine being able to manage your moods, decrease daily stress as well as anxiety, and increase your overarching resiliency. Now imagine having the ability to provide that for your friends, colleagues, employees, and, even, students. Imagine a place where everyone is empowered with the tools to not only manage their emotions but create new neural pathways for personal empowerment. What would it be like for the usual activating stressors that derail projects and get in the way of our healthy interpersonal relationships to simply be just another part of the day? Imagine being able to harness the power of a growth mindset and learn how to heal to create a sustainable balance for your emotions and thought processes. Imagine empowering yourself, and others, to heal through roadblocks and overcome the difficulties that result in anxiety, procrastination, and stress.

What if we could teach the tools to enhance learning capacity, address anxieties, and even heal through the difficulties of daily life? What if, when we returned home from work or school each day, we had access to the knowledge that we have the power to support our own health and well-being? Imagine being empowered with the ability to quickly and efficiently self soothe, reprocess difficult experiences, and empower ourself to view the world in a healthy way. What if we had the ability to decide how they wanted to approach each day; be it with confidence, with humor, or with a sense of calm. We now have the tools, thanks to new advances in neuroscience, to teach ourselves and those around us how to engage and support our brains to be as healthy and balanced as possible. Without the use of medication or electrodes, relying on our internal self soothing mechanisms, we now have the power to sustainably heal.

Whether for yourself, your organization, your clients, or your students, Viva Excellence is honored to offer workshops designed to reduce burnout, increase personal resiliency, and enhance overall well-being in all areas of life. Based in neuroscience and incorporating tools and techniques designed to meet your unique needs, let Viva Excellence be part of the journey toward Living Your Excellence.

Contact Viva Excellence now to learn more about the Resilient Brain Model today! A resilient and sustainable life is now obtainable for everyone.

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